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everyone has a story

Let me jump right into it. Traditionally this would be where I would write a bio featuring facts about me. But I think I would like to make it a little different. Since the world now has changed thanks to social media I think I will make this bio a little less formal. Hopefully it will make this more interesting and entertaining like a blog for you.

First off let me start by saying I’m an author, so of course I have a love for writing -Obvious fact I know but needed to be stated- my love for writing came from an early experience from my childhood, hearing bedtime stories at night in fact, I loved that someone took their time to write down the dramatic tales featuring brave Heroes and strong Heroines.

magic bookOne day I learned how to read and the magical world of the written word opened up to me. That’s when I realized I could read them to myself.




Many days of mine were spent reading one enjoyable story after the other. And then it happened… I read my first romance novel. It was a hot one about a pirate who kidnaps a Lady. (Hence the hot picture of a Pirate). This literally sparked a passion in my soul. I knew what type of books I wanted to write.

Today, I not only get to share stories with others, I get the privilege to write stories that are filled with heart-stopping love for people. So readers, dive in and enjoy yourselves.

And that’s pretty much it…
Well at least for now.

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