Four Degrees of Chloe

Cover Couple Embrace Alarm pic

Rory Griffin is in big trouble. Because of her on going war with Warren Hayes, she has been sent to a special kind of couple’s counseling in order to save her job.

Warren Hayes thought he would never have to be in the same room as Rory Griffin again. But now he is trapped on an island until they work out their differences.

Will they find common ground before it’s too late?

Chili Pepper Club Series

Cover Gemma pic

Gemma Wilson is in Las Vegas for the first time. She thinks she is there to attend a conference for work. But secretly her business partner has arranged with Cole Ross, the hotel’s VIP concierge, to make sure Gemma has the best time ever. But when Gemma finds out, will she leave the love she found in Las Vegas behind?

Cover Apt. #143 Pic

Another erotic tale from the Chili Pepper Club.

Cover Please Me Pic

Another erotic tale from the Chili Pepper Club.